Sensor barriers Argus 40 – 60 – 80

Good design can be planned. The new Argus sensor barriers from dormakaba open the way to more freedom in form, color and function. They combine the options of a modern access system in the supervised entrance area in three models. From short basic versions to exquisite objects with sophisticated sensors, they offer a wide range of functions.

  • Variable passage widths of 650 mm, 900 mm, 915 mm or 1,000 mm
  • Variable door leaf heights of 990 mm, 1,200 mm, 1,400 mm, 1,600 mm, or 1,800 mm (upper edge)
  • User-optimised scanner integration
  • Discreet ambient lighting
  • Smart emergency exit and escape route
  • Secure separation sensors
  • Efficient fixing type


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This variety is expressed in the modular design elements: with a wide range of colors and materials for handrails, side and profile parts as well as drives and door leaves, previously unimagined design possibilities are opened up. Versatile aluminum as the basic material shows the way here. Argus sensor barriers from dormakaba blend harmoniously into any reception room: as a modern addition to a concept, as a discreet functional unit or as a self-confident statement.

User guidance by light and passage widths from 650 mm up to 1,000 mm provide comfortable accessibility. Taller door leaves – with or without taller drives units – offer higher security.

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