KTV 3 / KTV 4

The KTV revolving door systems are perfectly suitable for installation in entrance areas where interior environment control coupled with elegant aesthetics are desired. The main entrance gives a clear statement of your company’s image.

  • Three- or four-wing design
  • Manual operation, positioning, Servomatic or automatic drive system
  • Flexible options (night shields, air curtain, locks etc.)
  • Available with KT FLEX Direct drive system
  • EN 16005 type approval and certification

Produkt detaljer

Efficient noise protection and building energy balance optimization

KTV revolving doors also hold back noise, dust and dirt, reliably protect employees in the vicinity of the entrances from drafts, and help to keep heating costs down.

Flexible design

KTV doors are exceptionally versatile. Any inside diameter of door can be supplied from 2000 – 34800 mm. Standard fixed diameters of 3600 mm and 3800 mm are also available. Depending on the diameter, clear passage widths of up to 3000 mm can be achieved.The new KT FLEX Direct drive system is allowing 100 mm canopy height without having to install an underfloor operator. Its gearless design is offering exceptional positioning accuracy and increased wear resistance because no belts or gears are used.

The KTV 3 and KTV 4 is also available with a glass ceiling for applications with a strong focus on design and functionality.

Benefits for the installer/fabricator
  • Flexible system to suit all requirements
  • Easy installation and rapid commissioning
  • Guaranteed state-of-the-art design and compliance with all regulations
Benefits for the architect/specifier
  • Extensive design flexibility in terms of planning and technical requirements
  • Visually, technically and economically the ideal solution
Benefits for the user
  • Enhanced working conditions
  • Optimization of the building energy balance
  • Efficient noise protection

Tailored integrated system combining industrial engineering precision and assured quality.