B-web 93 40

The B-web 93 40 is a time-management terminal for organisations of up to 2000 employees. With its ‘Guide by Light‘ concept, an interplay of illuminated and dimmed keys, guides the user conveniently through the process of entering or retrieving data. This increases accuracy and efficiency, preventing false entries and minimising usage time.

Produkt detaljer

  • Contemporary aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern architecture.
  • Glass front with display and optional keypad for simple operation.
  • Guide-by-light operation increases efficiency, accuracy and convenience.
  • Up-to-date information mailbox to reduce manual HR enquiries.
  • Application package contains time recording functions.
  • Enhanced list input, soft keys and language selection.
  • Support of all conventional RFID readers and fingerprint readers.
  • Easy network integration using Ethernet interface.
  • Simple ‘One-Click’ installation and replacement.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) means no separate power cable is needed.
  • Data retention in case of power failure, no loss of data.
  • Online/offline software makes individual operation easy to manage.
  • IP 54 protection class means you can install in industrial environments.
  • Compatible with previous terminal generations, no laborious programming.
  • Integration of biometric identification and verification solutions.
  • Integrated access control functionality to monitor and control locking devices.
  • Additional benefits through license extension.

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