b-comm for Workday

The dormakaba b-comm solution is trusted by more than 1,800 customers to safely capture and deliver employee time and labor entries to their ERP systems. Its enterprise-class design facilitates data collection from a variety of devices such as dormakaba Time Clocks, Smart Devices and PC/Web Clocks.

Produkt detaljer

Validation Data

Employee Data

  • Name
  • Badge Number
  • Direct Manager
  • Job Profiles
  • Positions
  • Accrual Balances
  • Time Clock Attributes

Organization Data

  • Cost Centers
  • Custom Organizations

Labor Data

  • Project Numbers
  • Custom Worktags

Transaction Data

Time and Attendance

  • Check In
  • Time Entry Code
  • Time Clock ID
  • Break
  • Meal
  • Check Out

Labor Collection

  • Job Profile
  • Position
  • Cost Center
  • Custom Organization
  • Custom Worktag
  • Project Number

Absence Management

  • Time Off Requests

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